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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 30, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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fight. but we'll be watching it. we'll have coverage throughout the afternoon. the final bell is ringing on wall street. what started as a down day or spent the day down is now in the green. "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> neil: it is coming to a head. violent clashes in venezuela as supporters of opposition leader juan guaido try to top italian nicholas maduro regime. good luck with that. he has the soldiers, they have the fury. john bolton says all options are on the table. what does that mean? we'll talk to rick scott that says maybe it's time for the u.s. military to get involved. we'll talk to others that say not so fast. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. senator scott in just a moment. first to rich edson with the very latest. rich? >> good afternoon, neil. the state department special
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representative for venezuela, elliot abrams says the situation on the ground is confused and that we have conflicting reports. this as the administration is hoping that this is the end of the maduro regime and the beginning of it with the military timely switching over to pitch him from power to support juan guaido. the national security adviser, john bolton just spoke at the white house and stressed the importance of this moment. >> this has been building a long time. if this effort fails, they will sink into a dictatorship from which they're very few possible alternatives. it's a very delicate moment. >> maduro's foreign minister has been responding throughout the day that bolton's declaration is up and he says dream on ambassador bolton, not today. abrams says there's negotiations going on and the administration is hoping those inside the
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regime step up and move to support juan guaido. abrams says the administration did not expect these demonstrations today. neil? >> neil: thanks, rich. my next guest says that, you know, it could be time for u.s. military involvement with venezuela. senate eric scott. do you think our presence there would make a the difference? >> absolutely. i was at the venezuelan border last wednesday, this is genocide. maduro is calling his own citizens. you can see it how many are already being killed. you can see the genocide going on through starvation. i met moms that lived on the streak, that had to walk hours to get food in columbia. school children walking hours to go to school each day. it's just pure genocide. i think clearly we have to look at our military and taking -- and stop the death just through starvation. i'm hopeful that we'll have a
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change of leadership today. juan guaido will be recognized inside as the leader like he is worldwide right now. i hope russia and china understand they're supporting, a murderer, a thug. genocide against children. that's what president putin and president xi, they're supporting someone that kills children. it's disgusting. we have to stop this genocide. >> neil: is it worth losing american men and women to do just that? >> neil, here's what's going to happen. we're in the process if we don't win today, we'll have syria in this hemisphere. russia is there, china is there iran is there, cuba is there. we will have syria in this hemisphere. we can make sure something happens now ordeal with this for
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decades to come. look at how many people lost their lives in syria. look at how much unrest it created in that area. that's what's going to happen in south and central america. >> neil: all right. i think about 100 retired generals and colonels from venezuela that are in columbia right now. you think those folks might be a better strategy for us? >> i think we have -- i think everybody has to work with us. shouldn't just be the united states. every democracy worldwide that understands that we've got to stop genocide needs to step up and be part of this. america shouldn't be doing he things by themselves. we all should be working together. if we care about families, if we care about human race, if we care about our fellow citizens, we have to step up and stop this genocide. >> neil: what if they don't step up? would you be open to have us step up alone?
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>> you know, i think -- the president did a good job in getting juan guaido recognized as the interim leader in countries around the world stepped up. we need to use all of our resources to get all of these countries to be supportive. >> neil: now, senator, one of the other ideas short of american intervention has been an amnesty for generals that are part of this regime or sympathetic to this regime. they benefitted mildly from that relationship. while most of the population is starving and has no access to medical supplies, they do. unlike some of their lower ranking soldiers. would you be open in order for them to turn on the regime that has taken very good care of them to provide protections and assurances that they would not be punished if they turn on maduro? >> we have a government in waiting with juan guaido. that's a decision for the national assembly to make. that's an interim decision they should be making. that i have to figure out what
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will make sure that maduro steps aside and we stop the genocide. that's a decision for juan guaido and his government. >> neil: have you talked to the president about this? >> i've been talking to the president all along. i talked to ambassador bolton this morning. i was in columbia at the border last week. i've been doing everything i can. everybody understands what is happening here. we have genocide now. in the future we'll have syria if we don't get this done. >> neil: was the president sympathetic to the arguments when we heard the ambassador said all options are on the table? did that include troops? >> the president has understood that all options are on the table. i believe the president will do everything necessary to make sure maduro steps aside. >> neil: thanks very much, senator. >> thank you. >> neil: all right. to retired general jack keane on this. general, you know what it's like
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being a four-star general. is this a struggle that warrants american warrants american intervention yet. the president's policies of a peaceful transition. there's still leverage to achieve that. watching john bolton today, national security adviser, i know him well. he was frustrated and disappointed. it was stunning in his revelation and the fact that he was talking publicly to high government venezuelan officials that after weeks and months of coordination had determined that on this day they were going to step up and turn against the maduro regime. none other than the defense minister, the chief justice of the supreme court and the guy in charge of the regime guard force. they were all going to step up. for some reason, they didn't do that. >> neil: why do you think that is? >> you heard ambassador bolton
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say it's likely out of fear that they did not or they are fundamentally prohibited from doing it. why prohibited? let me tell you a couple facts. fact one. in january of this year, putin deployed 400 members of a private military firm called the wagner group. same organization that we killed 200 of in syria. they have been involved in crimea and also in eastern ukraine. for what purpose? to provide personal security to maduro. last month, officers and technicians came in to venezuela for what purpose? to provide advice nor security of the regime. that means putin has a direct link of what is happening every day in venezuela. we all know there's 20 to 25,000
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cuban goons here that are the paramilitary force. we have to let this play out. i think the administration clearly doesn't know all the facts in a volatile situation like this. but clearly also, neil, the strategic stakes are high here. we have made a decision to push back on the communist regimes of venezuela, cuba communist. change the strategic frame work. russia, china and iran are supporting them. russia has intervened to prop up the maduro regime similar to the assad regime. if this regime does not fall, russia comes out with leverage. the fact is that the united states influence would be diminished as it was in syria when we didn't take the proper action to do something about the regime there. we have more time here before we
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rush in with military force. those that want to use military force have to remember one thing. it never usually ends the way it starts. there's some rare exceptions to that. these things have a tendency to seek its own level. so we have to act in concert with our allies in the region and where they are on all of this. i'm confident the administration is talking to them. >> neil: you ever get the feeling that the maduro government made a trap, let them think there's a mass surrender and switch over to the guaido camp and in fact they were laying a trap to seize the protesters, seize guaido himself and perform their own permanent takeover to this solution? >> you should be in government, neil. >> neil: a very cynical view, isn't it? >> no. it's a possibility. i don't think so because the
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people doing the coordination -- this took weeks and months to get these three top officials in a position they're at and provide them assurances. i don't think that conspiracy was -- >> neil: we're giving all these assurances and safe passage out for maduro to philippines or other similar climate environment to his generals, mass amnesty, whatever monies they have stolen. none of that worked. we're past that stage, i would guess. >> the reason for that is, they're all making a lot of money. they're financially probably independent wealthy. they want to get out with all of that if they do. they don't want the alternative. they still see daylight in terms of their ability to stay in power. much as we've seen others do the
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same thing. in iran, certainly. in syria. the fact is there's a lot of pressure here and it's going to play itself out. one day of protest usually doesn't create a regime change, although i will admit with those three officials that they had turned against the regime, it probably would have been a catalyst to move on, for maduro to move on. >> neil: yeah. doesn't seem evident right now. thanks very much. the general on these developments. what is at heart here, the generals and high ranking military leaders are with maduro, lower ranking soldiers that don't have the same access to the food and some of the other benefits that these generals enjoy. they have sworn they would not shoot protesters on shoot their own people. the generals have not made such a commitment be that as it may, this is a test of wills here on the part of the military itself, divided among the top ranks loyal, maybe out of fear, maybe out of a host of other monetary
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reasons to stay with maduro and the lower ranking soldiers that are saying we're sick of this. we shall see. if this was rattling the markets, it had a funny way of showing it and a funny way at the corner of wall and broad that capped another good month for the major markets. the dow finishing higher today. the s&p 500 closing at an all-time high. just in case you're tracking the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p 500 finishing with gains. earnings have been driving this. coming in better than expected. 77% beating estimates. 5% matching. more than half have beaten the revenue estimates, the forward guidance that shows momentum. something that we follow closely. what they're saying is, the good times should continue. meanwhile, forget thursday's
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but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? >> neil: all right. first, herman cain and now steve moore. we're learning that opposition has been building to steve moore's nomination. and joni ernst is confirming that she's told reporters that she's unlikely to support moore. she can only afford to lose three republicans. if four are opposed and automatic democrats vote against him, hess toast. we'll keep you posted. jerry nadler putting william barr on notice, show up for our hearing or i'm going to subpoena you.
1:18 pm
with us, doug collins. what do you think of that? you think the attorney general should appear before that committee? should there be ground rules? >> it's amazing to me that the attorney general says he will come and talk about the mueller report or anything else that the democrats or republicans want to ask him and my chairman has found a way to sabotage that. he's trying to make it into a political side show in which he wants it to appear as an impeachment hearing. it's a sad day, neil, we can't have a simple hearing of oversight. >> neil: the attorney general already agreed that he would come to testify, right? do we know what changed and what got this sort of thing at loggerheads? >> we do. really what happened, if you want to go back a week or so ago, the mueller report came out and didn't have anything they wanted. they didn't get collusion or obstruction so now the democrats
1:19 pm
are upset. the base is demanding impeach. the way you show impeach without doing impeachment, you have staff ask questions. i don't know why the staff can ask better questions than members. the chairman doesn't have confidence in membership. but their members are fully capable of answering questions. they want the visual of a staff attorney asking the attorney general questions like they did in the clinton impeachment and the nixon impeachment hearings. they say there's precedent, but impeachment hearings. >> neil: when the chairman says he's not pursuing impeaching and wants to hear them out, you don't believe that? >> no. it's visual. they want their base to appear that they're going down this inquiry. it's a game of mirrors. they have no agenda that ney put on the floor, no agenda in the committee. all they have an agenda is to try to defeat the president.
1:20 pm
this is the sad game of this. tomorrow the senate is going to have bill barr appear and answer any questions that they ask. unfortunately, our side in the house, the democrats have decided to make a game show. this is sad. we'll have the popcorn ready. >> neil: part of the theatrics might include the white house? rejecting subpoenas and saying he doesn't think they should have to testify. i don't know if there's any updates on that. does that risk making this a bigger crisis if need be if he said look, the report is out, leave it at that, done. >> this is not what the attorney general is saying. he is saying i'll ask any questions that the members of congress have for me to ask. he will sit for whatever time -- >> neil: but what about the president rejecting or saying the subpoenas are going to be ignored in that case. >> i think the president is very frustrated. i think some of the subpoenas that we need to look at, does it have to do with oversight or an overreach by committees desperate to get back at the
1:21 pm
president. real oversight always needs to happen. when you're overreaching and going past the things that you don't already have or already know, that is a problem that needs to be addressed. the president is fighting back. we'll see where he goes. i think this president has made it very clear, he wants an agenda for america and not be pushed around by subpoenas and other things that are not tangent to what we're doing. >> neil: thanks, congressman. we appreciate it. >> good seeing you. >> neil: here's one thing the democrats and republican as agree on. infrastructure spending. even the actual amount spent. $2 trillion. here's where they don't. how they come up with that. uh-oh, looks like someone's still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve?
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venezuela. protests all day. we're told this is the day that nicholas maduro would be forced out of the presidential palace, that juan guaido had enough support from the top ranking generals that had been loyal to maduro. they did not break from maduro though and that is complicated this protest as oftentimes turned violent today with soldiers turning tear gas and sometimes shooting at those protesters. now the soldiers are in a bit of a conundrum of their own because they don't want to shoot on their fellow venezuelans. that divides the high ranking generals and colonels with the rest of the rank and file of the military that don't enjoy the same benefits and economic securities and access to food and medicines that their high-ranking officers do. so that is the problem there. that could complicate things for juan guaido that has asked for international support.
1:26 pm
even though he has overwhelming sympathetic support and even though he has governor rick scott of florida among those advocating a u.s. military role to help him out and help him seize that presidential palace, to which he was according to senator scott duly elected but right now it goes on and on. i want to get a read from jim clyburn. congressman, thanks for joining us. i want to talk about other things. i'd be remiss if i didn't mention what's going on in venezuela. are you in the camp that says we have to help them out even if it involves military help? >> no, i'm not. we have to help them out. i would hope that we would try to do what we can to influence the government down there to do right by its people and hopefully find folks to align ourselves with. but i'm not interested in any
1:27 pm
kind of police action at this moment. that may change later, but not now. >> neil: okay. let me -- senate eric scott, your colleague in the senate, was talking about the fact that we don't want another russia or iran setting up base in latin america. you don't buy that that is a real possibility, right? >> i don't know if that is a possibility or not. i don't think it is. irrespective of what it may be, i'm not for police action using armed military force at this juncture. >> neil: i'd like to switch to infrastructure, congressman. the president is open to it. democratic leaders and yourselves are open to it, have been for some time. the $2 trillion price tag, that was eye popping, but both sides seem to wrap their arms around it. the question is how. do you believe a hike in the federal gas tax is warranted?
1:28 pm
>> not at this point. look, i think that every time we start talking about infrastructure, people start talking about roads and bridges and go to the gas tax. to me, infrastructure is a much broader issue than that. we have to look at water and sewage. we have to lock at deepening our harbors. there's the harbors maintenance fund. start spending that money to deepen these harbors and repair the ports around the country. then we have to look at broad band deployment. we're not going to adequately educate our children or have effective healthcare delivery if we don't have broad band. to me, that is the biggest infrastructure issue that is on my mind at this particular juncture. >> neil: so your argument -- the one idea to pay for it and it's broader than you stated to the party that broad band, water, energy, schools, host of other things, but part of it would be
1:29 pm
for a hike in the gas tax. some of your colleagues say that would be damaging to poorer individuals, so they want to -- chuck schumer said, maybe the president has to give back some of the tax cut he gave to corporations to justified a hike in the gas tax. what do you think? >> it would seem to me that we ought to look at the impact of anything that we do will have on low-income communities. that is a pet peeve of mine. we're talking about a infrastructure bill, we're going to have a transportation bill, we're going to raise the gasoline tax. then we put together this big public transit stuff and spend all the money on subways. i don't want my farming community down in jasper county or hampton county paying for people to ride subways.
1:30 pm
if they're going to pay for broad band to schools and hospitals and their homes, then they may not mind paying a gasoline tax. but we have to see whether or not these communities are going to benefit or not do it at all. i'm a big proponent of a infrastructure bank. i've been talking about that since 1992. we can put together a infrastructure back that will allow us to pay for them, amortize them over 10, 15 years and do it the same way for mortgages when we buy our homes. i think it can be done. i would hope that we won't just rush to question low income people, rural communities in order to make things comfortable for those of us that lives elsewhere. >> neil: congressman, i'd be remiss if i didn't what is happening with the house
1:31 pm
judiciary and other hearings looking into the mueller report. many of your colleagues say there's enough to proceed with impeachment proceedings. the president is angered by the present and past staff members that have been subpoenaed to testify. he doesn't think they're justified. he's compelled to ignore them. your thoughts? >> what i think is mueller -- the mueller report was a road map. he said in the report that there's some barriers elected in his way. there's road blocks that prevented him from going the route he wanted to travel. he then implied and expressed in some instances that congress is the problem vehicle to travel the rest of the distance. so congress is that vehicle. we ought to do what is necessary to let our committee do the work that needs to be done to fulfill the mueller report. >> neil: congressman, thank you. >> thank you. >> neil: we have a lot more
1:32 pm
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if not, talk to schwab. the introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough. >> neil: no bail. that's a ruling by a judge in california for a teen opening fire at a synagogue killing one woman. the suspect pleading not guilty. we're back in 60 seconds.
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>> we have to deal with that god awful tax cut the president put out. by the way, ya'll did well on that, right? you saw things go. >> neil: all right. all right. i'm going to take a leap the vice president doesn't like the tax cut and it's a failure in his eyes. we show polls that he leads the crowded 2020 field by quite a bit right now. that could change. for now, is he the one the administration should be worried about? ronna mcdaniel. we called her a democratic counterpart tom perez. he was unavailable. very good to have you, ronna. it's interesting because the fact is and ideal in facts here, most americans did get a tax cut. what is interesting about it though is most americans don't feel they did. that is what is kind of wacky,
1:37 pm
right? i don't know whether it's a case of people that don't see their checks because they're automatically deposited or they just wrote it off as not as big as they wanted even though they got a cut. does it worry you that a signature issue could turn on republicans? >> you also have other indicators that most americans feel the country is doing well economically, consumer confidence is up. people recognize our economy is booming. we just had the 3.2% gdp. we know wages are up. we know jobs are coming back. all of those things together show that president trump's policies work. better trade deals and cutting taxes have created a much better economy. we get to contrast that with the biden-obama economy where wages were stagnant, gdp was minuscule and jobs were fleeing our country. so it's a pretty clear way to
1:38 pm
balance what the trump administration has done versus the obama-biden administration. clearly the trump administration were working for the american people. >> it's not as if the other guys weren't. barack obama inherited a economy in a free fall. i'm not taking sides here. but it's fair -- >> but the slowest recovery in history -- >> neil: and the worst post war recession. so what i'm saying, president the president keeps take a bow for the mess he inherited, is the hyperbole a bit nervy? >> he can take credit for it. deregulating industry so people can get more income to start smart businesses, cutting the corporate tax rate so commits can create more jobs. these are things that are directly because of policies by president trump. obama did the opposite. they increased regulation and
1:39 pm
taxes. that's why our economy did not grow after that recession. >> neil: you're right to talk about the fact that wage growth has been picking up, in the latest running, 3.3% clip. very good. it's a volatile number. it was averaging 2.8%, 2.9% under the eight years of barack obama when all was said and done. do you think it hurts his message when he talks about the federal reserve holding him back or blames someone else for holding him back? blames other people for other things that aren't going right, that that -- for some reason the numbers in the commit and the markets are quite right, speak for themselves. why can't he leave it at that without pointing a finger that i did better than this guy, this guy was a disaster or the federal reserve stopped me and i could have done better without them. it just gets kind of like a pile, doesn't it? >> listen, donald trump is a business man that ran for office
1:40 pm
because he said washington can't get it done. the bureaucracy is presenting us from getting it done. he does deserve to take it credit and he speaks his mind -- >> neil: can they both take credit? a ten-year plus long bull market. i agree. a lot of his policies have done just the trick. but why can't this ten-year plus bull market be both the president's door step and his prior president's -- >> why can't can anybody from the obama administration or joe biden or any democrat say, you know what? president trump is correct. he kick started this copy. they're saying let's take over our health car, government healthcare, take over our schools. it's more of a government takeover and policies that will slow and stagnate -- >> neil: do republicans have a
1:41 pm
healthcare plan yet? >> the republicans have talked -- >> neil: when is that going to happen? >> i'm not a policy maker. i will say this. we want to make sure the doctor-patient relationship is restored. we don't want bureaucrats -- >> neil: i understand. but if you're going to talk about his predecessor and say his -- >> neil: we put plans up. >> neil: you don't have a plan. >> we had graham cassidy. we did. let's go back. we had graham cassidy. democrats didn't vote for it. you have the state plan that restores the doctor patient relationship. we put a plan for wart. democrats have rejected every plan. >> the president said we're going to have a healthcare plan,
1:42 pm
republicans were surprised that he was talking that up at a time, that's an issue that they could be vulnerable on. are you saying you have a healthcare plan -- >> i'm not crafting the plan. i'll say we'll contrast with the democrats what medicare for all means, which sounds great. medicare for all. what does it mean in a total government take over. it mean bureaucrats will be making your medicare decisions and the costs will be astronomical and destroy the absolute -- the underlying healthcare in this country. so yes, we're going to contrast that. >> neil: and the president mentioning deficits. president obama kept building debt. he's running it up at a faster pace. i'm not saying he exclusively. but does he feel bad about that or that he's not been able to -- that is republicans, when they had the run of the table, have not been able to deal with that? republicans are attacking democrats and being spendthrifts when in fact the rate we're going, this president will top
1:43 pm
that. >> let's remember the democrats control the house. we never had a full majority in the senate, 60 votes to pass budgets. so we had to work with democrats. that's the way that this government has functioned. absolutely the president is fiscally conscious. he's recognized that we need to grow this economy to pay off our debt. >> he said the budget that the house hosted on him was over a trillion dollars but he signed off on it, right? >> because the president recognized we have to pay for our defense and other things to get done. the only way he can do that is with democrat votes. so democrats need to be more fiscally responsible as well. >> neil: what about republicans? >> i think we all need to recognize we have a deficit and a debt problem. >> neil: i haven't seen one that give a rats you know what about it. >> we. have we have green this economy, neil. that's taking care of it. by growing the economy and the gdp, we're dealing with deficit problems. >> i see trillion dollar
1:44 pm
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1:48 pm
billion of deficit per year. it's a big number, neil. >> neil: and it's not sustainable. for companies, you go that route, you're not around long. i know you just tried to put it in english and terms that people can understand. where it's going and not going. all i do know is the red gets deeper and deeper. i don't see willingness on the part of either party to address that. >> no, i agree with that. you know, no matter whatever your politics, if this is issue for you, both ds and the rs have found ways to increase deficit and i think to me it's a very important issue. there's other also very important issues. but the way this one will get solved will take real deep collaboration on how to improve taxes and revenue and manage expenses.
1:49 pm
our organization, u.s.a. facts, we don't make forecasts but if you look at the historical data, it's alarming. you look where we spend money as a country, 86% of government money goes into just eight areas. just eight areas. education, most want to cut. crime and disaster, people people don't want to cut. the military, we have cut the number of active war fighters by 35% in the last 15 years, which some people may want to cut further. we spend on social security, we spend on medicare, whether it's generally been resistance. we spend on medicaid and aid to the disadvantaged. we spend on government pensions and debt. that is 86%. you throw in transportation, you're at 90%. you say where do people have the will to make cuts? where do people have the will to increase taxes? we also run through in our report just how much of the tax burden is borne by the top 1%,
1:50 pm
by income. the top 20 and so on down to the bottom 20%. you just have to look and say where are we going to get more money? where are we going to cut expenses? it will take a set of hard decisions. if you ground the discussion in the numbers, which we try to give you the basis for that with our u.s.a. facts offerings. today we're releasing our annual report, trying to make it simple to understand spend in america for people who are more business oriented. we have this big old fat 10 k like businesses produce. but look at any of that or not, equating yourself with these numbers. i heard about the $2 trillion infrastructure package. as a country, we spend over $200 billion a year. are we talking about doubling that spend for the next ten years? is that what the proposal will be? >> neil: where is the money going -- >> and what is it going to buy us? we'll show you the numbers. how good are our bridges?
1:51 pm
the truth is they've been improving every year. highways are getting worse. who knows. >> neil: who knows is right. steve ball mmer, thanks. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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>> neil: the violence continuing, although i must say contained violence. they were suspicions have not materialized yet but is still -- competing for the honor of being recognized as the country's president. nicolas maduro isn't going anywhere. juan guaido says that he is newly elected and recognized by most of the world as newly elected, constitutional president. nowhere closer to saying that fulfilled. robert charles, we had
1:55 pm
senator rick scott here saying the american military needs to come to the rescue. how do you feel about it? >> i think the average american watching this should take a deep breath but also understand this is a very important moment for the hemisphere. this is a people's movement, it is not a coup, not a push. this is the result of people being absolutely distressed by the fact that they can't make a living. they can't feed themselves or their children. in terms of who is down there and what to do next, you have foreign actors, russian advisors down there. it's very problematic. we have chinese in there and we also have iranians in there. all of which says others are trying to get a foothold to try to essentially create cuba version 2. to the point of the military, we know that our allies are well aware we are prepared to support them. the foreign actors and maduro need to know that our intelligence is very good. we have -- i have no doubt we
1:56 pm
know exactly where the senior generals are and where he is. if this thing were to get out of control and they would be a massacre of some kind whom i think we would respond as a humanitarian act. >> neil: what would we do? what should we do? some are afraid it would become an out-of-control insurrection for us to handle. we can't do it alone. >> this is not a surprise event in the sense that venezuela has been coming apart for several years, actually for probably a decade. we have contingency plans i'm sure for the lowest level engagement to the highest level of engagement, and my guess is we've had very close conversations with our allies. one thing to remember is this is an economy in free fall. 1300000% inflation. and so these people have a right to change. >> neil: you're right. sorry to jump on you, sir. thank you for your service to this country. the secretary touched on something we forget. one of the richest countries on earth in a per capita basis.
1:57 pm
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♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with dagen mcdowell, juan williams, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." dramatic images coming from the streets of venezuela. chaos breaking out after opposition leader juan guaido called for military uprising to end a socialist regime of nicolas maduro. thousands of protesters clashing with security forces in the capital city of caracas. we have seen teargas being fired, rocks being thrown, and gunshots ringing out. listen to this.


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